LED technology

The LED system by UV Ray has conquered increasingly numerous and different sectors thanks to its unique traits: modular configuration and power managed with the utmost accuracy and the highest efficiency. The system stands out immediately for its reduced size, smallest in the market, thanks to the different production process of the LED. This allows the single LED to reach high output power (true 12W/cm) with a very low power loss; this means no need for liquid cooling.

  • Modularity: measure is that needed, without resources and energy waste.
  • Power: without equals, the necessary power managed with maximum precision.
  • Efficiency: a very high coefficient that sublimates in an excellent manner, quality and extreme versatility.
  • Unique: no comparison with existing solutions, unique for design and technology.
Technical features
Single unit
Joinable unit high power
Pinning unit
Power 10 W/cm 12 W/cm Up to 7 W/cm
Multidivision Dimming Control
10∼ 100% 10∼ 100% 10∼ 100%
Driver Integrated Integrated Integrated
Cooling type Air Air Air
Peak Wavelength (nm)
385 - 395 (Typ.) - 405 µm
385 - 395 (Typ.) - 405 µm
385 - 395 (Typ.) - 405 µm
Driver Input Voltage
48 VDC
48 VDC
48 VDC
Size of the window (mm)
85 x 25
up to 495 x 25 *
ask for *

* Thanks to the extreme versatility with the infinity possibilities of configuration, please ask for more information to get the best solution available.