Smart sensor

UV Ray presents a new solution formeasuring UV emissions, in particular where a certification is required, such as, for example, in the foodstuff and pharmaceutical sectors.
It is a sophisticated digital sensor. Not just an exceptional measuring instrument but rather a device capable of interacting with the system and playing an active role during the production process.
Simple to use and manage, efficient and reliable in terms of the supplied data, this product is one-of-a-kind.
Thanks to these characteristics, the sensor fitted on UV Ray can express its huge potential in all applications and environments, significantly contributing to the optimisation of production and consumption.
Below is a brief description of the main characteristics:

  • Reliability: real-time reading, completely filtered from all kinds of interference. The guarantee to obtain absolutely certain data that can be used for both certification and fine-tuning purposes.
  • Sensitivity : 10,000 resolution, for accurate and complete reading.
  • Real on-line monitor: unlike the competitors’ products, the UV Ray sensor is always active and requires no checks. It carries out samplings up to 4 times per minute, the result of aprocessing that selects and provides totally accurate data.
  • With shutter or shutter less: upon request, the sensor is equipped with a protection device, a curtain with pneumatic closing, to be used in heavy-duty or extremely dirty environments, thus guaranteeing longer service life.
  • 100% digital: total reliability and accuracy, all the advantages of digital technology.
  • Long sensor service life: never overexposed even at maximum power.
  • Quick coupling: standard connection for data acquisition with no limits in terms of length, utmost convenience and integration.
  • All wavelengths:UVA, UVB and UVC.
  • Integrated in the production line: thanks to the proprietary software, it can interface directly with the machine and, by monitoring and communicating with the system, it can have a direct impact on production.
  • Universal : again because of its design and easy installation, the sensor can practically be applied on any system, either made by UV Ray or by the competition, including UV LED systems.