Exclusively designed and manufactured lamps with UV Ray specifications.
  • Top quality (deficiency <1%).
  • 1,000 hours guaranteed.
  • Not commercialised, exclusive product.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • Higher efficiency compared to traditional lamps: up to 20% of total energy during exposure and up to 50% of peak energy.

Special cables

Shielded lamp cable and armed with double insulation. Resistant to crushing, cutting and abrasion, thanks to its internal steel protection. Insulation up to 2000 V.
Designed and produced exclusively to UV Ray's specifications, suitable for applications and performances to the limit.
Power and signal cable for iPower D. For channel installation it allows for quick execution. Numbered strands over the entire length for fast identification.

Machine signal interfaces

For retrofitting or for new, additional installations, integrated systems or for on the machine.

Measuring instruments

Radiometers and tools for emission control directly on the reflector. Option to install directly in the panel.